PVS Minibulk

PVS Chemicals was the first company to introduce the Minibulk Chemical Distribution concept in North America. In 1945, Floyd "Nick" Nicholson founded PVS with small or "Minibulk" distribution. He revolutionized the way corrosive chemicals were supplied, replacing glass carboys with safer storage tanks. 

PVS focuses on ways to improve safety and minimize the handling of corrosive chemicals. PVS Minibulk plays an important role:

  • Proven Minibulk storage tanks include secondary containment. 
  • PVS Minibulk can safely make deliveries in quantities ranging from 100 gallons to full truckloads. Products will be delivered in the most technologically advanced trailers, designed by PVS Minibulk to ensure safe and accurate deliveries. PVS Minibulk will provide you with a printed delivery receipt at the time of delivery.
  • PVS Minibulk sales representatives will help you determine the proper tank size and location for your storage tanks. Specially trained installers ensure safe tank placement and installation.
  • All PVS drivers are trained "HAZWOPER's," certified to the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Responders standard.
  • PVS has more than 20 terminals in the United States, nine of which offer Minibulk service through its PVS Minibulk subsidiary.