A Brief History of PVS

On January 2, 1945, Floyd A. "Nick" Nicholson and his partners establish Pressure Vessel Service, Inc. in Detroit to clean boilers and pressure vessels.
During the late 1940's and 1950's, Nicholson changes his business and develops the concept of "small bulk" deliveries of the hydrochloric acid he had once used only to clean boilers. PVS enters the chemical industry and begins to expand its product base.
In 1968, Pressure Vessel Service acquires its first sulfuric acid manufacturing plant and joins the organization that is now known as the American Chemistry Council.

In 1974, Waste Acid Services, a new division of PVS, begins hauling and disposal services. The name changes in 1986 to Dynecol, Inc., reflecting "Dynamic Ecology", as the facility meets growing environmental concerns.
PVS becomes an international concern in 1975 with the formation of a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary, Fanchem Ltd.

In 1981, Pressure Vessel Service, Inc. begins doing business as PVS Chemicals, Inc.

In 1981, PVS purchases sulfuric acid and sulfur products manufacturing facilities in Buffalo and Chicago. In 1983, PVS acquires another acid manufacturing and distribution facility in Copley, Ohio.
In 1987, PVS acquires Detroit based Nolwood Chemical, and forms PVS-Nolwood, a full line distributor of industrial chemicals.

In 1991, PVS moves its offices to the current headquarters building in Detroit.

In 1991, PVS Technologies moves the Michigan ferric chloride operation it acquired five years earlier to a new plant in Detroit.
In 1996, PVS builds another ferric chloride facility in Augusta, Georgia.

In 1996, PVS forms a new subsidiary in Detroit, PVS Transportation, to manage trucking and terminal operations. PVS Transportation later expands into other PVS markets.

In 1997, PVS acquires a sulfuric acid manufacturing plant in Gent, Belgium. PVS purchases a second sulfuric acid manufacturing plant in Kelheim, Germany in 1998.

PVS acquires The Chantland Company in February 1998, headquartered in Humboldt, Iowa. The Chantland-PVS Company manufactures commercial and industrial pulleys, rollers and bag-handling systems, including conveyors and palletizers. For more information, visit www.chantland.com and www.chantlandpulley.com

In 1999, PVS acquires a bulk acid/ferric terminal in Houston, Texas that is now part of PVS Technologies.

In 2000, recognizing the increasingly national scope of its business, PVS combines its regional sulfur products and hydrochloric acid businesses in Illinois, New York and Ohio, to form PVS Chemical Solutions.

In 2001, PVS acquires a chloralkali manufacturing plant located in Thailand, and forms Siam PVS Chemicals.

Also in 2001, PVS focuses on the growth of its original small bulk operations and forms PVS Minibulk. Minibulk continues to expand throughout the U.S.

In 2003, PVS Technologies forms California Water Technologies, a joint venture in Santa Fe Springs, California.
In 2006, recognizing the increasing importance of hydrochloric acid to its product line, PVS transfers its HCl business to PVS Chloralkali, a new subsidiary.

In December 2010, PVS-Nolwood Chemicals, Inc. acquired Young Chemical in Twinsburg, Ohio. This business has been integrated into PVS-Nolwood and furthered its expansion.

In July 2011, PVS acquired Meridian Technologies, based in Magnolia, Texas. PVS Meridian Technologies Inc. markets crude tall oil and calcium chloride products. Their hydrochloric acid business has been integrated into PVS Chloralkali, Inc.

In September 2011, PVS Chloralkali built its first terminal in Castanea, Pennsylvania to service the oil and gas industry in the Marcellus Shale.

In December 2011, PVS Technologies, Inc finished construction of their Natrium, WV Ferric Chloride Production Facility.

In March 2012, PVS acquired Ineos Asiatic Chemical Co. Ltd, (IACC) located in Samutprakan, Thailand. IACC is a major manufacturer of Chlorinated Paraffins in Thailand, and markets product throughout Asia. The company has been renamed IACC Chemical Solutions Co., Ltd, and will operate as a subsidiary of PVS’ Chlor/Alkali business, Siam PVS Chemical Co. Ltd.

In May 2012, PVS Chemicals, Inc. and its Board of Directors approved the sale of Dynecol to US Ecology, Inc.. US Ecology and its preceding companies have been in operation for over 60 years. They have a strong focus on safety with a long term business view.
In February 2015, PVS Chemicals, Inc. and its Board of Directors approved the sale of PVS Meridian Chemicals to Demetree Salt doing business as Meridian Chemicals, LLC.

In August 2015, PVS acquired Sagar Enterprises, Inc., a chemical distributor located in McKees Rocks, PA. This acquisition expands PVS Nolwood’s distribution capabilities with the establishment of warehousing and blending facilities in Western, PA.

In February 2016, Fanchem Ltd., a subsidiary of PVS Chemicals, Inc., acquired the business and certain assets of Benson Chemicals Limited located in Freelton (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada. The acquisition combines each company's long-term chemical-distribution operations in the region.