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Job No.: 158-2017
Job Title:Plant Manager - Portage

Primary Responsibilities (May include but not limited to):


  1. Function in the capacity of Plant Manager with responsibility for Operations, Maintenance and auxiliary functions engaged in the processes of acid regeneration and production of iron oxide; report directly and be accountable for results achieved to Vice President, Operations.


  1. Inspect equipment on a regular basis including structural condition of facility, roasters (2), holding tanks and other components to insure that safety, environmental compliance, maintenance and other efficiency objectives are achieved; initiate necessary actions when necessary to correct deficiencies on a timely basis to provide a high quality product for customers and to avoid plant failures.


  1. Monitor performance of salary and hourly workforce and provide direction as necessary to complete assignments on a timely basis and to perform tasks in accordance with management expectations; administer plant's Labor Management environment in accordance with labor agreement; initiate disciplinary actions accordingly; participate in all hiring decisions to attract the most qualified candidates for employment.


  1. Direct operations to service customer requirements for regenerated acid and/or iron oxide, insuring that specifications are met: investigate any and all failures to meet customer specification; develop and implement new operating procedures when warranted to improve outcomes.


  1. Stay abreast of optimal preventative maintenance procedures, supply of spare parts, and other contingencies to maintain plant and operations on a continuing and uninterrupted basis; requisition parts, tools, supplies and services as required; follow-up with Vice President, Operations, corporate Purchasing and/or with vendors and suppliers to clarify specifications and to achieve most favorable terms and expense to the Company.
  2. Prepare regular reports and analysis to report various activities including volumes and shipments to customers, conditions of the plant, quality measurements and other such status summaries required by management and to generate ongoing data relevant to past, current and long term operating results of plant; work together with Accounting/Finance staff in preparing and monitoring financial performance of Portage Plant and compliance with approved operating budgets.


  1. Work closely with Finance, Engineering and other groups in planning ahead for capital projects, preventative maintenance, and other special requirements of plant: request required assistance as warranted.


  1. Maintain relationships and communicate as necessary with customers, governmental agencies and others to respond to inquiries or to provide clarification or information required and to otherwise maintain and/or develop favorable relationships.


Perform other related assignments in the capacity of Plant Manager, Portage operation

Location: Portgage, IN
Posting Date: 8/1/2017
Position Type: full-time
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